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A Guideline on the Pros and Cons of Using Waterjet Cutting on Metal

Certain projects require that there be precise cutting on metal so that it can be used for various purposes. Laser and waterjet cutting are the most popular methods of cutting. Waterjet cutting has been used for a long time from the 1930s, but in those times it was used for cutting soft materials such as paper or food. Technology has now grown to the level that powerful waterjets are now used for precisely cutting metal. Find out how that evolution has come to be to the extent that abrasive waterjet cutting is now used for metal cutting on this page. Learn the pros and cons of using waterjet cutting in this article.

Among the most significant advantages of waterjet cutting is that it does not require the use of heat to achieve the results desired. Any materials for which there may be problems if heat were used to cut them can, therefore, benefit from the use of this cutting that does not require any heat. Some types of metal and plastics will be distorted or warped due to the presence of heat when cutting them, but using waterjet cutting ensures that the negative implications are eliminated. Get a list of some of the materials that would be affected by heat and that benefit from the use of abrasive waterjet cutting on this website.

It is possible for one to benefit from the use of waterjet cutting due to the delivery of various cut edge qualities. You get various cut edge qualities by changing the speed of the process of cutting. One will take a shorter time when they have particulars about the cut edge that they want compared to how much they will take when there are no specifications in mind about the cut edge. When you need a particular finish on the edges, you will end up taking a longer time than without the specifications. You can, therefore, expect to take longer on the job and it may cost more to run the machines when you need smooth finishes. Find out more information about what it should cost you in using abrasive waterjet cutting in this blog.

Among the disadvantages of using waterjet cutting is that it is best when it is cutting a single concentrated area. When you introduce materials that have a void on the inside, there may be a challenge when cutting. You may also experience problems when you want to cut fibrous or stranded materials. Youre likely to have an uneven cut when you use waterjet to cut through such materials. Among the materials that you may want to avoid using abrasive waterjet cutting on are given on this website.

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