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Why Open Domestic Infant Adoptions is Better than Closed Adoption

In closed adoption, you don’t disclose the true history of the adopted kids’ birth parents. When they grow up, these children that were on closed adoption process will develop a sense of incomplete identity.

These children who are not sure of their historical past do not really feel grounded in the present. They are eaten up inside by questions of their origin and belongingness and they get uneasy with the home and family that they are now living with.

If a child knows where he came from, he will be better equipped at making healthy decisions about where he wishes to go because he has a better understanding and sense of self identity. There is also less guilt for the birth parents realizing that they were able to help the child have a good life which they could not have provided. In reality, ancestry is not necessarily need for self actualization.

If you had an open domestic adoption, then you will not have problems accessing information. Because there is access of information, a child will actually find out why he was given out for adoption instead of being haunted with from wondering with incomplete information.

Because of lack of understanding about the birth parents, adoptive parents will tend to be distrustful of them, in closed adoption. This secrecy and lack of communication creates negative feelings about the birth family and the fear that they may try to contact the child and shatter the protective layer the adoptive parents have built so carefully.

In open adoption, it is also possible to build a healthy relationship with the birth parents and so there will be less chances of feeling undue insecurity on the child and the adoptive parents. Because everything is in the open, there will be no fear of accidental slip ups or shocking life, changing information regarding the adoption.

Unforeseen medical emergencies arise where there is an immediate need for compatible organ or blood donors. In these moments, you will be thankful that you have prompt access to people who share the same DNA. Information regarding health issues or familial medical history being readily available is what may be the difference between life and death.

Security and high levels of self confidence can be developed in a child in an open adoption since he will know the reasons why he was given away and that is to make him enjoy a good life which his birth parents cannot give him.

It is such a great benefit to have two sets of parents that love you and that you can love.

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